Creative Thinking

We have a creative approach in solving the problems of our clients.

We are always honest and do not provide consultations of circumstance.


The purpose of the insolvency process is limited to the determination and enforcement proceedings proper to the economical and financial condition of the debtor who will contribute to paying off the creditors from the debtor's patrimony, with the distribution of the finite products and the guarantee of the integrity of rights for all the participants in the process.

In the process of regulation the relationships arising between insolvent debtor and its creditors, Dorogoi Țurcanu & Associates proposes qualified legal assistance for the protection of the debtor by limiting abuses by creditors, particularly of the pledges regarding the distribution of the debtor's assets and the application toward him the legal procedure appropriate to the state of the debtor's assets and liabilities.

Another important aspect proposed as a purpose by the lawyers of the Dorogoi Țurcanu & Associates is to protect the interests of creditors against the debtor against the debtor's abuses in declaring his heritage and its administration with subsequent satisfaction of claims following their proportional apportionment.

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